What’s Going On?

New exhibitors at our Showboat at the Foundry Art Centre in St. Charles, Barbara Tretter, Diana Bono and Miriam Krone.

The Webster Groves Art on the Town will be on Saturday, October 29.   Go to the link and then click on “SEE”.  It will take you to the list of artists including the Watercolor Society at CJ Muggs with a link to our website.  You will see all of the 40 locations with demonstrating that day listed with links.  It is a great not-for-profit community event.  It is more than just the artists.  It is a total artistic multi-discipline event.

Janet Doll reports a correction for her painting in the Paint the Parks, Paint America Exhibition.  The 100 Paint the Parks Exhibition is being displayed in the gallery of the Old Courthouse.  The Paint the Parks Mini 50 Exhibition is being displayed in the gallery at the Arch.  My painting is part of the Mini 50 exhibition.  The Old Courthouse is planning to have presentations by three of the displaying artists in November.  The date has not been determined at this time. 

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