News from Marilyn Mackris

Marilyn Mackris won an Award of Excellence at the WEAG show at the Shine of Our Lady of the Snows. Her  painting Landscape With Green Mountains was one of five awards given.

Also, she is the featured artist at Norton’s Gallery on Big Bend, Maplewood. There are 25 pieces on exhibit and more available through Mary Norton.
Information about Marilyn’s classes:


Marilyn teaches Chinese brush painting in her studio in Richmond Heights. The continuous classes are for beginners and intermediate students. (no experience is necessary!) Marilyn is committed to using authentic  Chinese materials  (which are provided) and teaching techniques within the context of Chinese tradition and culture.  She is also teaching classes on Chinese brush painting for OASIS and teaching an 8-week class on The Art of Chinese Painting at Lifelong Learning Institute at Washington University.
Contact Marilyn at 314-647-9939 or

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